Wedding at the Time of Covid19

For a year now, the world has been battling a pandemic that has put our lives to the test.

Weddings, an integral part of our work, have also suffered a notable decline in these two years due to harsh restrictions.

For this reason we want to give all our customers remote help with the little information we have, to be able to celebrate their wedding at the time of Covid19.

The decree law of April 21, 2021 did not comment on the protocols to be adopted for marriages, so we will update the article in mid-May when we have more certain news.

For the information we have now, we can summarize the protocols to be adopted at the current date:

– Civil and religious ceremonies are NOT prohibited

– The restaurants will open from April 26, 2021

– If the region you are in is a yellow zone and the restaurant allows it, nothing forbids a lunch or buffet with a few relatives or close friends after the ceremony

– Music and entertainment are still prohibited. However, you can inquire with the restaurant (if they allow it) for background music during dinner and with payment of the SIAE.


– Continue with your planning, if they give the green light we can immediately start.

– Be patient, new protocols will arrive in mid-May.

– Canceling or postponing is not painless, talk to suppliers and keep the team; at most, opt for a plan B.

Don’t worry: this wedding at the time of Covid19 must be done! 🙂