Wedding in Capri

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Wedding in Capri: An Unforgettable Experience

Dear future brides and grooms, today we want to tell you about a magical experience we had firsthand on the island of Capri. An unforgettable wedding that we had the honor to document with our video. Get ready to immerse yourself in a dream come true, in a place where the sea, lemons and love come together in one harmony: Capri.

The wedding we filmed was that of a beautiful American couple from Washington, DC. They had originally planned their big day before the Covid arrived, but due to restrictions they were forced to postpone it. Despite the difficulties they encountered, they kept their flame of love alive and were finally able to celebrate their dream wedding on the enchanting island of Capri.

Pre-wedding between boat ride and dinner under the lemons

The three-day celebration was an extraordinary experience for everyone present. On the first day, after enthusiastically welcoming guests, we headed to Monte Solaro, the highest peak on Capri, using the characteristic cable car. After the aperitif, dancing and singing made the atmosphere even more lively. As the sunset, we descended down the slopes of the mountain, immersing ourselves in a magical atmosphere made even more mystical by the fog and lights of downtown.

On the second day we ventured out to sea. Starting from the port of Capri, we embarked on an exciting tour of the island by boat. Our eyes were captured by the spectacle offered by the sea of Capri, with its shades of blue and azure that seemed to come from a dream. We filmed the guests as they dived into the crystal clear waters, both from the boat and from above thanks to our drone, which gave us a spectacular aerial perspective. The boat tour peaked when we approached Capri’s famous Faraglioni, a moment of pure adrenaline!

In the evening, we all gathered for an al fresco dinner at the Zagara restaurant in the center of Anacapri. This elegant eatery welcomed us under the lemons and treated us to a delicious caprese, the island’s signature dish. The exquisite food and romantic atmosphere made the evening unforgettable.

The big day: wedding in Capri

Finally, the third day arrived, the big wedding day. The Capri Palace, a luxury hotel in the center of Anacapri, was the venue chosen for the bride and groom’s preparations. The rooms were filled with excitement and commotion as the bride and groom prepared to perform their “first look” outside the hotel. It was an incredibly emotional moment. The groom was waiting for the bride in the penthouse, beautifully decorated with a bougainvillea arch. Despite the summer heat, the guests were all eager to see the bride arrive. With the bride’s entrance, the symbolic ceremony began. The bride and groom exchanged vows in Italian, with a few small mistakes that elicited laughter and tears of emotion.

After the ceremony, the bride and groom headed to the Capri lighthouse in a distinctive red cab to take pictures of the sunset. It felt like we were starring in a movie, and we were lucky to have the opportunity to capture every moment in our wedding video.

Once the photoshoot was over, the bride and groom made their way to the reception location, Il Riccio in Anacapri, an extraordinary and refined venue for Italian and foreign weddings. After the cocktail hour, the bride and groom changed clothes and prepared for dinner. The tables beautifully decorated with candles and bougainvillea flowers were a sight for sore eyes. As the sunset, it looked as if a flaming ball was gently dipping into the sea, providing an unparalleled natural spectacle. During the dinner, with 1960s Italian music playing in the background, relatives and friends paid tribute to the bride and groom with touching speeches and surprises.

The wedding cake was made on the spot with a cooking show that also involved the bride and groom. And, to end on a high note, everyone went wild in final dances, amid strobe lights and musical notes, celebrating the last moments of this extraordinary wedding in Capri.

Capri: the perfect setting for your dream wedding

In conclusion, Capri proved to be a perfect setting for this dream wedding. Its natural beauty, enchanting atmosphere and the generosity of its inhabitants made every moment unforgettable. We hope our testimony has immersed you in this magical experience and inspired you in planning your wedding on Capri. Remember, love and beauty are the true treasure of this enchanted place. We wish all of you future brides and grooms an unforgettable and joy-filled wedding on this beautiful Mediterranean island.

Videography: Ideavisual
Welcome Party: Monte Solaro
White Party: La Zagara
Venue celebration: Capri Palace
Reception venue: Il riccio 
Photographer: Jenna Noelle Weddings

Floral: Flowers in Capri

Planning: Medin Style 

Some of our behind-the-scenes photos from the wedding in Capri.

(Thanks to Jenna Noelle Weddings)

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