Wedding in Treviso

Chiara & Riccardo

Your Perfect Day: Wedding in Treviso at Villa Revedin

Have you ever dreamed of saying “I do” in a captivating location, surrounded by the enchantment of an exclusive venue? This young couple had planned their wedding at Villa Revedin, a unique experience that, due to the pandemic, was postponed for three long years. Finally, they lived their special day, joining their guests and older relatives in an unforgettable celebration.

Intimate Atmosphere in the Preparations: Affection and Laughter in Family Homes

Imagine being immersed in the love of your family, surrounded by the laughter of your closest friends during the preparations in family homes. This was the atmosphere preceding the beginning of an extraordinary adventure, a mix of emotions and anticipation.

The waiting time made the experience even more precious, turning every moment in the preparations into an exciting chapter of their love story. Every detail was carefully attended to, from every rose petal on the path to the altar to moments of laughter with friends that made the day even more unforgettable.

From Palazzo Scolari to Villa Revedin: A Journey of Emotions

Your journey to the altar begins in a place of history and nobility, Palazzo Scolari in Polcenigo, Pordenone. The groom, radiant with emotion, awaited the triumphant entrance of the bride to initiate a civil ceremony characterized by promises written from the heart. A touching moment that involved everyone, providing sincere emotions.

Polcenigo: An Intimate Glimpse in a Picturesque Setting

After the well-wishes and the rice toss, the couple took a brief stop in the charming center of Polcenigo to immortalize their love in an ancient and fascinating setting. A preview of the emotions awaiting them at Villa Revedin.

Polcenigo revealed itself as a treasure trove of intimate atmosphere, with its cobblestone streets and romantic views. Every corner represented a perfect backdrop to capture the magic of this special day. The details of historical architecture intertwined with the modernity of a couple ready to embark on their journey together.

Outdoor Aperitif: Taste and Fun Among Friends

The festive atmosphere continued with an outdoor aperitif, enriched with culinary delights and some friendly banter among friends. An informal celebration that made your day even more special.

Guests enjoyed a wide selection of gastronomic delights in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. Merry conversations and toasts to the newlyweds created an atmosphere of joyful sharing, a perfect prologue to the festivities that would characterize the rest of the day.

Elegant Dinner at Villa Revedin: An Unparalleled Experience

Dinner took place inside Villa Revedin, in an elegant and refined room with English charm. A gastronomic experience that made your celebration unforgettable, surrounded by an atmosphere of class and human warmth.

The chef’s team created a menu worthy of a royal banquet, presenting exquisite dishes and culinary delights that satisfied even the most refined palates. The sophistication of the setting added a touch of elegance, transforming dinner into a moment of sensory pleasure.

Sunset Photography: Eternalizing Your Love in the Villa's Park

In the villa’s park, as the sun set, you took romantic photographs illuminated by lanterns, creating a fairytale atmosphere. Images capturing the intensity of your love in a dreamlike setting.

The photographer immortalized the most emotional moments of the day, turning every smile and glance into indelible memories. The golden light of the sunset added a touch of magic, transforming your wedding album into a visual masterpiece.

Rainy Wedding Cake: An Unforgettable Moment of Determination

Despite a sudden downpour, the cutting of the wedding cake in front of the park’s fountain was one of the most emotional moments. The determination to continue the celebration made it even more special, with the help of Enrico Sist, the musician who brought joy despite the rain.

The cake, a symbol of sweet union, became the centerpiece of an unforgettable moment. Laughter and affectionate glances between the newlyweds made the rain just a detail, turning a meteorological surprise into a unique and precious memory.

Gap Eventi: Creating Magic Beyond Obstacles

Throughout your unforgettable wedding at Villa Revedin, the expert team at Gap Eventi proved to be much more than event organizers. They were the magicians behind the scenes, ready to create magic and overcome obstacles flawlessly.

With style and professionalism, Gap Eventi faced the sudden rain during the cutting of the wedding cake. In a race against time, they elegantly transferred flowers, decorations, and setups to shelter, ensuring that your dream continued without a hitch.

Their dedication and adaptability made Gap Eventi the secret core behind the success of your special day. Every detail was handled with care and precision, turning unforeseen events into opportunities to create even more unforgettable memories. Thanks to Gap Eventi, your wedding was much more than an event: it was a magical experience that will remain in everyone’s hearts forever.

A Tale of Love, Resilience, and Eternal Happiness

Your wedding in Treviso at Villa Revedin was an extraordinary event, where the beauty of the location merged with the joy of the couple and the determination to overcome unexpected events. The images captured during this day speak of eternal love, resilience, and a happiness that will be etched in your hearts forever. Come live your dream with us, where every detail is curated with passion and professionalism to make your day unforgettable.

Photo & Video: Ideavisual

Venue: Villa Revedin

Planning: Gap Eventi

Hair & make-up: Creazioni di Valerie

Dj: Enrico Sist

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