Wedding in Tuscany

Amanda & Alberto

An Unforgettable Experience at Villa Salivolpe in Chianti

Living the Tuscan Wedding Dream at Villa Salivolpe

If you dream of a fairytale wedding in one of Tuscany’s most evocative locations, your reality can take shape with our photo and video shoot. At the end of June, we captured the wedding of Amanda and Alberto, from Australia, at the enchanting Villa Salivolpe in San Casciano in Val di Pesa, in the heart of Chianti. We would like to share with you this extraordinary experience, a day full of emotions and full of unforgettable moments.

Intimate and Involving Preparations: The Waiting in the Garden of Villa Salivolpe

The dawn of that day saw preparations intertwined with emotion as the bride and groom prepared to experience one of the most special moments of their lives. The bride, lovingly assisted by her mother, found support and comfort in a moment of deep family significance. Fresh flowers decorated every corner of the garden, creating an atmosphere of pure magic. Each carefully placed petal seemed to tell the story of a love destined to blossom in Tuscany.

Unique Celebration in Two Languages: The Meeting under the Gaze of the Villa Cat

The symbolic celebration took place in the garden, where the groom, full of fervour and anticipation, welcomed his bride accompanied by her father. An unexpected touch was given by the appearance of the villa’s cat, crossing the bride and groom’s path with a wish for good luck and sweetness. His presence added a touch of lightness and spontaneity, framing the moment with a unique and unexpected memory.

Promises Written in Wood: A Bond That Lasts in Time

The ceremony, enriched by the bride and groom’s personal promises, was conducted in English and Spanish, involving both families. The sealing of these promises was a unique moment: a wooden box, sealed with nails and a hammer, will keep the promises to be read and renewed in the years to come. he wood itself symbolises the solidity and durability of their commitment, rooted like the centuries-old olive trees that dot the Tuscan landscape.

Dream Photographs: Capturing the Essence of Tuscany in the Chianti Hills

The photo shoot enchanted the eye with the beauty of the Tuscan hills of Chianti, enveloped in a warm and magical light. Each shot told the poetry of this special day, making the moments of joy and love indelible. The hills, painted in the warm tones of the sunset, became the perfect stage to immortalise Amanda and Alberto’s eternal love.

Shared Joy in Feasts and Dances: Toasts under the Tuscan Sky

The atmosphere was inflamed with a festive aperitif, followed by a toast that united the bride and groom with their loved ones. Dancing set the rhythm of the evening, while the band’s violin played notes of happiness under the Tuscan sky. Contagious joy spread among the guests, creating an atmosphere of celebration and connection.

Fine Dining and Unforgettable Moments: Cake Cutting under an Everlasting Sky

The dinner was an explosion of flavours in an elegant and colourful mise en place, delighting the bride and groom and their guests. The cutting of the cake was a magical moment, with candles and lights merging with the endless summer sky. Every bite was a journey into Tuscan flavours, a tribute to the culinary tradition of this generous land.

Turning Dreams into Reality: Your Perfect Wedding in Tuscany

Choosing to celebrate your wedding in Tuscany with our photo and video service means bringing an eternal dream to life. We capture every detail, every emotion, transforming your special day into an unforgettable experience. Contact us and turn your Tuscan dream into an enchanting reality. With us, every shot tells the unique story of your love in the heart of beautiful Tuscany. We are ready to create memories with you that will last a lifetime, through images that speak of authentic emotions and breathtaking landscapes. Your Tuscan fairytale begins with us, and every moment will be an unforgettable chapter in your love book.

In conclusion, our goal is to make every detail of your wedding in Tuscany memorable, from the ceremony to the cutting of the cake, creating a visual tale that will forever preserve the magic of your love in this enchanted land.

Photos and videos: Ideavisual

Venue: Villa Salivolpe

Make-up artist: Suely Menichetti

Catering: OraLab

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